About the OHBA President

John Meinen
President, Ontario Home Builders' Association

John Meinen began his career as a framer at the age of 18 and quickly realized his potential in the industry.  By 1998, Meinen had purchased two lots of his own and established Pinnacle Quality Homes. Meinen is President of Pinnacle Quality Homes, a family-run business, with over 32 years under his belt. Since its inception, Pinnacle Quality Homes has built over 200 custom homes in the Stratford-area and the company is proud to say that they have never missed a closing date.

John Meinen, a very active member in his own local, has served three terms as Stratford and Area Builders’ Association (SABA).  In addition, Meinen served as President of SABA when Stratford received the Local Association of the Year Award from OHBA.

In 2011 and 2012 John took home the OHBA Roof-topper award and he was honoured with the 2011 OHBA Member of the Year Award.

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